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As a Therapist in San Diego, I help people get unstuck from their negative thought patterns and behaviors, and work toward unapologetically loving themselves and their lives. A lot of my clients see me after being in an unhealthy romantic relationship that depleted them of their energy and made them question their reality and themselves, which led to confusion and self-doubt. Many of my clients also experienced not feeling loved, heard, or valued by their caregivers throughout childhood and adolescence. Both instances can have a significant impact on a person’s life, relationships, and self-esteem.

Counseling can help you on your path to healing, self-discovery, and self-reflection. Trauma therapy such as brainspotting can help you heal from stored trauma in the brain. It can help you understand yourself better and bring light to subconscious forms of coping and dealing with issues in your life that might not be helpful.

My mission is for you to achieve self-love because you deserve to live life fully. I feel confident that we can work together to set goals and nourish the most important relationship of all — the one with yourself. If you reside in San Diego or anywhere in California and are ready to take the first step in your healing process, please feel free to reach out so we can set up a free consultation to determine which types of online therapy or counseling may be able to help you.

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My specialties include:


Trauma Therapy

The majority of people have experienced, or will experience, some form of trauma in their lives, such as losing a loved one, abuse, witnessing violence, serious injury, or complex trauma. Trauma therapy will provide a space for you to share your hardships and get restorative support.

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Therapy for Depression

Depression can cause you to feel sad, lonely, and at times isolated. Speaking with a trusted online therapist can be like lending a hand to pull you out of a dark tunnel, so you can start feeling more confident and working towards your happiness.

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Anxiety Treatment

Anxiety can prevent you from truly connecting with others and performing well at work. It can also result in overthinking and cause you to limit your possibilities in life out of fear that something bad might happen. In our online counseling sessions, I will create a relaxed and comfortable setting for you to learn relaxation techniques to reduce your worries and fears.

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About Us

Inward Healing Therapy offers Online Therapy in San Diego, CA, providing treatment for adults dealing with PTSD, complex trauma, anxiety, depression, attachment issues, childhood trauma, and relational difficulties. Samantha Arreola is a licensed clinical social worker specializing in supporting clients through past trauma, particularly childhood trauma, to foster healthier romantic, social, and familial relationships. Inward Healing Therapy offers brainspotting treatment, cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), and dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) to reduce depressive symptoms, anxiety, and improve emotional regulation and overall quality of life.

To learn more about how our online counseling for adults can help you, reach out to Inward Healing Therapy in San Diego, California today.

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Client Testimonials


"Samantha is a caring, trustworthy, kind individual. Her professionalism and personality are just a few of her qualities thay make her an amazing therapist! Highly recommended!"

- Jj Ledesma


"Samantha is approachable and kind. She puts a lot of thought and care into the work that she does. Samantha is trained in brainspotting, which is a really effective technique to treat trauma and helps with anxiety and depression. I would highly recommend that you reach out to her to see if she is the right fit for you."

- Emily Garcia


"Samantha is truly one of the most understanding and inviting people I have shared with. She has been an incredible influence in my life and that is because of the way she makes sure to create a comfortable and trusting environment. The questions she’s asks and the way she allows you to think about your own feelings is incredible. Very thankful for her! "

- Alicia Aviña


"Samantha listen and offers guidance. She brings a sense of calm that helps you to feel comfortable and calm as well. I would definitely recommend her to others"

- Jessica Rubttom


"Samantha’s the real deal! I was hesitant about Brainspotting but this really works! I highly recommend!"

- Melissa Shaw

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